Knight Blind

Family secrets. Disappearing informants. Can this PI prove her worth…or will she get caught in the crossfire?

Jorja Knight is desperate for a fresh start. Reinventing herself after a brutal workplace shooting, she’s determined to make   her name as a private investigator. But her first major case searching for a Holocaust survivor’s long-lost relative goes  sour when she finds out the man was recently shot dead.

Jorja learns the deceased had a son living rough on the seamy streets of Calgary’s east side, but now missing. His street buddies know something but are afraid to talk. When her main informant disappears, Jorja knows this is no ordinary missing person case. Her suspicions are confirmed when the head of Special Crimes orders her to back off. Jorja is convinced the missing man holds the answer to unlocking a shocking family secret, but fears digging deeper could be lethal.

When not everyone is who they seem, can Jorja uncover a dark history before her own life is cut short?

Praise for Knight Blind

2016 Arthur Ellis Award finalist for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

“The mystery itself is tight and well plotted with enough twists and curveballs to keep most crime fans on their toes. A fine debut by a talented writer, featuring a well-crafted new PI.”  — Kirkus Reviews                                                             

“This is fabulous first in a series winner. I could not put it down! The plot is believable and moves at rapid page turning speed. It’s serious; it’s funny; it’s thrilling; it’s quirky; it’s sexy and it has a whole lot of heart….I love this book and cannot wait for the next Knight adventure!” – Amazon reviewer

“If I was to recommend a book full of mystery and suspense, one that pulls you through the pages with eagerness and speed then Knight Blind would be the book I would say read.” – Goodreads reviewer

“This female protagonist didn’t fall into the typical tropes. It is refreshing to read a novel that assumes a level of intelligence in the reader.” – Amazon reviewer