Knight Trials

A murdered dinner guest. Smoldering grudges and lies. A PI determined to deliver justice.

A year into the business, private investigator Jorja Knight has finally found her feet. So when her best friend, Gab Rizzo, asks for help to cater a private dinner for some of the city’s rising movers and shakers, Jorja suspends her surveillance of a would-be cheater to help. Her small favor turns into a nightmare when the meal they serve sickens several guests and leaves a high-profile CFO dead.

With her reputation in free fall, Gab begs Jorja to find the culprit behind the poisoning and clear her name from the suspect list. Jorja hits the ground running and soon discovers there is more at stake than her friend’s reputation.

 Digging deeper, Jorja is drawn into a complex web that connects a shadowy investor, a status seeking wife, a bitter researcher, and an angst-ridden teenager. Jorja realizes she’s going to have to pull out all the stops if she has any chance of outsmarting a vengeful killer determined to make her the next victim.

If you like clever protagonists, complex plots, and endearing characters, then you’ll love Knight Trials, the second book in Alice Bienia’s page-turning Jorja Knight mystery series.

Praise for Knight Trials

“Jorja is clever, funny, wise. I want to be friends with her.”– Amazon reviewer

“Very high-stakes, fast-paced plot with memorable nuanced characters and twist after twist after twist. You won’t put this one down, you’ll suspect everyone, and the ending is tremendously satisfying!” – Goodreads reviewer