Three Dog Knight

A murder behind locked doors. Quarrelling beneficiaries. A labyrinth of lies. Can this PI outwit her most formidable adversary yet?

It’s been two months since tech genius Stephen Wallis was shot by an invisible assailant in his highly wired smart home. Frustrated by the lack of police progress, Stephen’s sister hires PI Jorja Knight to help find her brother’s killer.

Jorja digs into Stephen’s seemingly perfect life and discovers that he had recently hired an ex-mercenary as his personal chauffeur, and that all of Stephen’s beneficiaries are harbouring damning secrets.

As Jorja begins to narrow her list of suspects a brutal winter storm thwarts her investigation, leaving her to wrestle with her own demons and a stalker who is leaving her cryptic notes about her troubled past. But when she stirs up a two-decade old disappearance she finds herself directly in the killer’s crosshairs.

Will Jorja’s tenacity and grit be enough to fight off the storm hammering the foothills and a killer determined to take her life?

Praise for Three Dog Knight

“Jorja’s tenacity to uncover the truth and her strong will to survive keep the adrenaline running high through this thriller. She is definitely one gutsy PI!” – Amazon reviewer

“The Jorja Knight Series (to include this book) is interesting to say the least. Jorja is the strong main character. She doesn’t like to be controlled by either gender and is smart as a whip. Can’t wait for the next book.” – Goodreads reviewer