An ancient cursed statue. Suspicious deaths. One PI determined to find out why someone is willing to kill to hide the truth.


PI Jorja Knight knows firsthand what it’s like to be tormented by lingering questions after the death of a loved one. When the daughter of a former police officer asks Jorja to look into her father’s death, deemed an accident, Jorja is determined to find her the answers she’s looking for. As Jorja digs into the case, she discovers another suspicious death and links to a cursed, missing pre-Columbian artifact.

With rising doubts about the way police handled the men’s deaths, Jorja puts her own relationship with the head of Special Crimes on the line as she reconstructs the dead men’s last movements. But she isn’t the only one bird-dogging their footsteps. As her investigation heats up, Jorja is drawn deep into the heart of Alberta’s badlands. What she finds turns the investigation on its head and throws her into the path of a brazen killer.

If you like gutsy heroines, modern day mysteries with a touch of humour and romance, you’ll love the highly addictive Jorja Knight mystery thriller series.


What readers are saying about Jorja Knight

Jorja is clever, funny, wise. I want to be friends with her.”– Amazon reviewer

“Seriously this girl is so brave, compassionate, sweet, risk-taking and every bit of a bad-ass.” –  Agirlandhertablet  

“Jorja remains a brilliant and relatable main POV character in this series…” – Goodreads reviewer

“Alice Bienia has created a complex character in PI Jorja Knight. Her demons, dreams and secrets make her someone to root for.“ – Amazon reviewer

“She is definitely one gutsy PI!” – Amazon reviewer

“If you’re a fan of Kinsey Millhone or Stephanie Plum books, you’ll love the Jorja Knight series by this author. Jorja Knight is smart, spunky, and always up for a challenge.” – Amazon reviewer